"They knocked out Basel. From our experience last season, that gives us every respect for Cluj. It tells you they’re a good team."

- Sir Alex Ferguson

01/10/2012 16:25, Report by A Bostock, G Thompson
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Sir Alex wary of Cluj

"We made a decision last season actually. Most of the time when you go abroad and train on their pitch you can’t do anything because everyone is watching. By training at our ground we could do what we wanted in terms of picking the team and anything tactical. It’s much better doing that at our own ground."

The tactical work followed the homework with Sir Alex admitting United have watched Cluj's "last two or three games."

"As part of our preparations we have to assess the opposition and we saw their performance in the last game against Braga," said Sir Alex. "[Before that] they knocked out Basel, beating them twice. We know from our own experience last season that Basel knocked us out. That gives us every respect for Cluj because it tells you they’re a good team.

"Cluj defend quickly and get plenty of bodies behind the ball. The main strength is counter-attack, as they showed against Braga.

"Counter-attacking has become a very important part of European football. Now it’s done by four or five players, not one or two like 20 years ago, and the positive nature of the counter attack has made the Champions League much better."

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