21/09/2012 12:28, Report by J Tuck, G Thompson
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Sir Alex seeks Anfield focus

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers will also be seeking a strong showing from his side, who have failed to win any of their four league games at the start of his tenure.

Sir Alex defended his counterpart, saying: "He’s a young manager and any young manager needs time. But in the modern world you don't get a lot of time.

"Look at [André] Villas-Boas at Chelsea last season, a young man who lasted about seven months. We’re in an age where patience is not a realistic thing, it’s just not there.

"The only route for any manager is success. It’s a results industry so winning matches is important. It’s a different game from when I started. There was less pressure. The world has changed, the press has changed…but I always still felt I needed to win games.

"That's what you’re in it for – to win games. It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing Port Vale or Liverpool or Manchester, you have to get results nowadays."

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