26/09/2012 14:30, Report by Nick Coppack
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Reds can still improve

“Shinji Kagawa has had a few games and now knows what the Premier League is all about and he’s obviously played in Europe quite a lot. You can see his work-rate and he’s started to show some real intent with his football and what he’s going to bring to this club so it’s exciting on his part.

“Alex [Büttner] is an up-and-coming young player who has done well but is still finding his feet and Nick [Powell] came on against Wigan and scored a great goal. He’ll want to keep impressing and be part of this team.

“This is what being at Manchester United is all about. You’re preparing, training, playing and recovering for the challenges that are coming your way every three or four days and the whole squad now comes into play.

“Everyone is at the right levels of fitness and is ready to take on that challenge. We’re going into a hard period of football, but that’s exactly where you want to be at this stage.”

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