"I want to win against Liverpool. If I play badly or play well, I just want to win and that is what we did."

- Patrice Evra, MUTV

23/09/2012 17:01, Report by Adam Marshall
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Evra elated at Anfield

foot so I'm so happy for him!

"I said to Rafa I think he deserves it as he's working very hard. It's difficult to find a place now in this XI as the boss has many players who want to play. He said today it was a game for men and we showed that. I think we showed great character. I don't think we played especially well but we showed big character and that was most important today.

"I was anxious for the penalty. The player [Daniel Agger] was on the floor and taking his time and I was like: 'Whoah, what's going on here?' When Robin shoots, Pepe Reina went the right way but I think it was a good penalty with power and that's why he scored. It's why we buy some big players - for big games - and we need them."

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