10/04/2013 07:30, Report by G Thompson
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Welbeck strides forward

"It was a massive day for the club and for myself. The manager picked the team that he thought could go out and get the result and we had chances to win the game there," recalls the England international who made his 100th United appearance against City.

"Ultimately the tie ended in big disappointment for us, but I was pleased with my performance at the Bernabeu and it was an experience I’ll never forget.

"It’s always great to be playing in the big games, but I want to play in every game! [Laughs] Of course, it gives you confidence, but it’s something I just try to take in my stride while focusing on continuing to improve and develop as a player."

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Making progress

"I think my performances have been more consistent. I haven’t always played in my preferred position but playing in different areas allows you to develop an understanding of the other attacking positions which can only benefit you as a player. The one thing I want to do is score more goals."

- Danny Welbeck


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