29/04/2013 08:15, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Playing like champions

United. We want to win every game. Even pre-season friendlies are important. If we lost at Arsenal, people would not say we lost because we have already won the league. They would just talk about us losing.

“It is important for us to win. It was a big game for us and people might laugh when I say that, but that is the Manchester United culture. We always want to win, even if we have already won the title. We always want to win.”

Evra was taken aback by Arsenal’s approach, saying: “It’s one of the most aggressive teams I have played against.” But the Frenchman prefers that to a more passive opponent. “It was good to see Arsenal like that,” he adds. “They get abuse, [with people saying they are] a team with good footballers but they are not aggressive enough. They were aggressive enough. But my focus is on Manchester United and I am happy with our response in the second half, even though I’m frustrated and disappointed with the result.”

One of United’s ten attempts on goal fell to Evra, who couldn’t convert to add to his tally of four goals, but he responded with a smile: “I’m disappointed because I want to score again. I will try to do it against Chelsea, Swansea or West Brom.”

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