22/04/2013 23:50, Report by Steve Bartram
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Boss: Focus won us the title

“Put it in context: we've now got 84 points with four games left and we've never done that. We've won most of our games, drawn three, lost four and the goal [van Persie’s second] tonight… it doesn't matter where you place that in terms of all the great goals we've scored, from David Beckham, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Eric Cantona...

“That pedestal is there, the players have joined that pedestal. We've got some young, exciting players – you've seen how De Gea's improved over the season into an outstanding goalkeeper, young Rafa, you saw Jones tonight... arguably, the way he's looking, he could be our best ever player.”

The headlines, however, belonged to a more established United star. Having scored the goals that propelled the Reds' early charge for the title, as well as the brilliant hat-trick which sealed it, Robin van Persie inevitably drew plaudits from his manager.

"Robin's been unbelievable," said Sir Alex. "He had that dry spell where he hadn't scored for a few weeks but the penalty kick at Stoke brought it back. He was unbelievable tonight, unbelievable. Fantastic.

"He has to take a lot of the credit – his goals tell you that and his performance levels tell you that. I'm sure Robin would be saying what a great bunch of players I've got with me – they're a great bunch of players."

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