28/04/2013 17:47, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Boss: We could have won

and credit to them.

“Arsenal had fantastic pace, they were really aggressive and put in a lot of tackles. I think the referee just couldn’t keep up at that point. Then when we had a foul he booked us right away.

"We had five players booked. We have one of the best disciplinary records in the country, probably the best record. For Manchester United to have five players booked, I don’t think that’s right.

“But in the last 20 minutes the game was end-to-end stuff. The best chances definitely fell to us and we should have done better with them. Arsenal are fighting for a place in the Champions League and we expected a real challenge to us. We got one.”

Sir Alex was speaking to Sky Sports.

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The old rivalry

“We expected a tough game and we got one. We probably had the best chances – we had four fantastic chances from headers. Perhaps with a bit more composure we would have won the game.”

- Sir Alex Ferguson


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