16/08/2013 07:43, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Yorke: Swansea win vital

“It will be much closer than it was last season,” Dwight explained. “We lost two years ago on goal difference and I think it may come down to something like that again this year.

“I think the teams are that close. Just the three teams though, not the rest – I’m not too worried about them. I think Chelsea and City are the two who will be looking to take the title away from us.

“You have got to respect Chelsea, they have a fantastic squad and City have just spent £100million, although they do have a coach who is untested in this league – which will be a challenge for him. But those are the two big rivals and I expect it to be nip and tuck until the end.”

Dwight Yorke was speaking exclusively to at Party Poker’s Road to Old Trafford event.

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