"There was a day in about May when we said 'this is it'. Once I came out of that operation it was going to be, 'this has either worked or it hasn't'. It was a very emotional day. When that moment came, it was such a relief."

- Darren Fletcher

16/12/2013 16:47, Report by Tim Oscroft
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Fletch relief at comeback

“I couldn't leave the house, it was as simple as that.  I couldn't take my kids to the park, I couldn't go for a meal with my wife, just because of the nature of the illness. There was the exhaustion side of it as well. It was proving difficult. I always had a belief that one of the medications would work, but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

“Now I am back to normal, I am standing here and I do not have ulcerative colitis. I have come through that, and now I am leading a normal life. I am back playing football in the Premier League, it has all been a success. I am just like anyone else.”

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