20/12/2013 17:23, Report by Ben Hibbs

Evra's a great leader

Patrice Evra is "a great man, and a great leader" for Manchester United, according to Reds boss David Moyes.

The Frenchman has impressed Moyes during the United manager's first six months in charge at Old Trafford, but it's not just on the field that Evra continues to wield his considerable influence as one of the squad's most experienced members. Off the field, too, he commands respect and demands high standards.

"Pat is one of the finest men and leaders around the dressing room that I have ever seen," Moyes said of Evra.

"He speaks well about everything he does, speaks great about the club. He reminds all the boys what their jobs and their duties are. He has been very good. He is inspirational behind the scenes."

During Moyes' first season in the job, influential players such as Evra perform a key role as the new boss makes his mark on the club.

"He is great for me and he has been great for the team because he has been a really top player for a long time now," Moyes told reporters at the Aon Training Complex on Friday.

"Pat knows we have to have a strong Manchester United. He knows we have to play well. He demands. He doesn't think winning one game is it. He says, 'No, we win all the games.' He is a great man and a great leader."


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