19/12/2013 12:00, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Evans on Sunderland tie

challenge ahead.

“I watched Sunderland beat Chelsea and not only are they fighting for Gus Poyet but he has also got them playing some good football," said Evans. "They controlled large parts of the game against Chelsea. They had some good possession. So it will be a more difficult game than people will imagine.”

The Reds sealed progress to the last four thanks to Wednesday’s relatively comfortable 2-0 win over Stoke, a match that was temporarily postponed because of the poor visibility conditions caused by a torrential hailstorm at the Britannia Stadium. 

Although the decision to return to the sanctuary of the changing room was welcomed by the players, Evans revealed that his mind was split with regards to bad weather. 

“We couldn’t see; the wind was blowing the hailstones into our eyes. They were the hardest hail stones I’ve ever felt. They were actually coming into your eyes so you couldn’t keep your eyes open. You’re torn about whether to stay on and give it the 'hard man' look or just get to the shelter of the dugout – I made sure I made a bee line for the dugout!”

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