27/12/2013 09:00, Report by Ryan Grant
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Smalling: Victory vital

shown by his team mates.

"It was a terrible start," admitted Smalling. "In the last few games we've done well and haven’t conceded many goals, so it was very disappointing. We knew they had two big men up front, we didn't quite organise ourselves and we allowed them too much room.

"We tidied that up in the dressing room [at half-time], and luckily for us we managed to come back [and win], because otherwise it could have been a killer [result]. It was unfortunate for Hull that he [James Chester] put it in his own goal.

"Hull might feel that they had a lot of chances, especially in the last ten minutes. It was a truly crazy Boxing Day game and I've never looked at the clock so much. We need to make sure there aren't too many more games like that."

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