21/12/2013 18:10, Report by Adam Marshall
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Boss protects Januzaj

probably getting tackled or kicked more than anybody.

"We’ll have a word with him and make sure he does things right. I think today he thought that Collins was going to come in and clatter him, so he tried to ride it and it’s looked worse than it actually was."

Moyes was clearly unhappy with the later challenge on Hernandez, who came in for some rough treatment and was unlucky to see a goal disallowed.

"It may be you're picking on the wrong tackle today," he asserted. "I thought I'd be asked about the tackle on Hernandez. The referee didn't deal with it so you can only go on that. He saw a bit of simulation in the other one but didn't see that one. What we've got to do is make sure we're not the ones coming out and complaining too much. 

"I came out last week and mentioned the number of tackles Adnan was having to deal with but it’s up to the referees to make sure this doesn’t happen. Adnan is very difficult to mark. He's elusive and the way he moves can bring defenders in to tackle and it's the referees who have to call it. I just hope they don't wait until he gets a bad one before they get it right."

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