18/12/2013 09:41, Report by James Tuck
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Moyes' youth commitment

On Tuesday, Moyes praised Welbeck following his two-goal display against Aston Villa and the manager wants his striker to keep improving, doing extra training when necessary.

"We had a word with him about a month ago and said he needs to be the last off the training field," Moyes said. "Wayne [Rooney] is out there every day, practising his free-kicks, finishing and shooting from tight angles. Danny needs to be out there.

"The young boys here are educated to keep improving and practising. Sometimes, without knowing, you can slip away from it but we said: ‘Hey Danny, every day do an extra 15 minutes on different types of finishing and let’s see if we can get more goals for you.’

"Against Villa he put the practice into operation and he was really sharp and incisive. Danny has an awful lot of attributes. He’s got to say: ‘Hey, I’m going to take this onto another level’, so we’re trying to get him to do that."

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