31/12/2013 14:26, Report by A Bostock, A Marshall
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Moyes: Winning runs routine

David Moyes insists Manchester United won't get carried away by the team's best sequence of results since he became manager.

The Reds have won the last six games in all competitions, bringing 2013 to a successful close and boding well for the second half of the campaign. The previous best run was four straight victories at the back end of October and beginning of November.

"I don't think anybody is jumping up and down because we've won six games in a row," said Moyes at his pre-match press conference, after a journalist reminded him of United's recent run.

"I think it is what is expected here. But it's nice that you mentioned it."

Moyes feels increasing familiarity with the squad he inherited has been a factor in United's improving form on the field. The ex-Everton boss has been working with Sir Alex's former charges for six months now, with the currently-injured Marouane Fellaini the only senior player he's added to the mix so far.

"I do think I've got a better idea of the players, certainly since the opening months when we came here," said Moyes. "I think it comes with time and experience and the more you get to know players. With time, you better understand them and we're certainly getting much closer to that."

With the new transfer window opening this week, the manager was asked if any further new faces would be following Fellaini into the club. He replied: "Well, we'll always be looking

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