31/12/2013 08:45, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Boss relishing OT life

David Moyes spoke exclusively to MUTV’s Mandy Henry earlier this month to reflect on his time at the club so far. The interview was first screened on MUTV on Boxing Day and you can see it again on the club channel at regular intervals this week. Below is an extract from the interview…

Let’s go back to the start when you were told you had the Manchester United job by Sir Alex – and it was a case of being told wasn’t it?
Yes it was and it will always be a story I’ll enjoy telling! I wasn’t expecting it – I thought I was either going to get a rollicking off him or he wanted one of my players. When he first said to me, 'I’m retiring', I said, ‘Well yes, in a year or two’. Then he said, ‘No, next week and you’re the next manager.’ I don’t know what was the bigger shock – hearing Sir Alex was retiring or that I was the next manager? There was no, ‘Do you fancy it, what do you think?’. It was a case of, ‘You’ve got it [the job]'.

People say it must be hard to still have Sir Alex around but you’ve said you feel he’s here to support you, not pressure you…
Yes, exactly. I feel the opposite [to what people have said]. I see him as regularly as I want to see him at the games or I’ll pick up the phone or he’ll phone me. Overall, I’ve found him really helpful. I can’t think of any manager who wouldn’t want to use Sir Alex as a sounding board. He’s been very good to me. He hasn’t interfered with anything and he knows how it works here. More importantly, he’s a director of the football club and someone who has a big say in how things will go at Manchester United in the future. We should use the knowledge that he’s got.

From day one the players have been behind you but have you been surprised by any of them?
Many of them. When I first got the job I made the point of meeting as many of the senior

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