"The results are the most important thing now. You look at City against QPR - they should have got the win, they had a lot of chances but ended up dropping two points. That could quite easily have happened to us against Southampton. We had to dig in and hold on for the three points."

- Wayne Rooney

07/02/2013 16:00, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Points make prizes

plenty of goals - it is the most number of goals we have scored at this stage of the season.

“Maybe we are concerned with conceding goals, because we have conceded too many and have done throughout the season. But that is the way we are playing. That is the way we have been set up to play. We have to just keep our scoring going.

“Once you get an early goal the game settles down. We tend to win a lot more comfortably. When you go behind you end up fighting for the whole game. It can take a lot out of you as well. If you get an early goal it is great because you can see the game out without giving everything.”

Rooney was speaking to, BBC Radio and Press Association.

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