"It is a benefit - the more games the better. It stops you from switching off. When you win one game, you want to win the next. It builds momentum."

- Jonny Evans - talking to BBC, PA and

08/02/2013 15:37, Report by Adam Marshall
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Evans up for the fight

League final," he recalled. "That is what this squad is for. You generate momentum. At the time, I never thought there were so many games.

"We came through Christmas brilliantly. That is partly down to the squad and the manager being able to rotate the squad and having the confidence in the players so they don't feel as though they are fatiguing. They are always mentally prepared for all the games."

Despite Everton's impressive recent record against the Reds, there are no thoughts of revenge for Evans, merely respect at what Moyes has achieved at Goodison and the team he has built.

"I suppose you can go back through the whole league and look at games we slipped up on last year and say that game cost us," he said of the 4-4 draw at Old Trafford. "I suppose at the time of the season, that game came up just before the City game, although you could look at that one and say City cost us because we lost away there.

"They have obviously improved. The matches against Everton over the time I have been involved in the first team here have always been tough. They work really hard and put lots of balls into the box. They have played Marouane Fellaini up front and other powerful people like Nikica Jelavic and Victor Anichebe. You always know you are in for a physical game from a defender's point of view. We know it won't be easy.

"They have added that attacking flair to their game. It has surprised a lot of people. As much as they are big and strong and put the balls into the box, they also have people who can hurt you on the floor. That has been the most impressive thing."

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