06/02/2013 09:06, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Sir Alex's title mission

In the next week, Sir Alex’s men face Everton and Real Madrid and the Reds boss hopes that a healthy squad with plenty of competition will stand United in good stead in all competitions.

“We’ve got players back from injury, which is important, and I usually find that during the second half of the season when the big games come along everyone is fit! 

"We haven’t had a great run in the FA Cup for the last few years and haven’t been in the final for nearly six years, that’s a big attraction for us and this month we have the first game against Real Madrid, which is going to be a highlight.

“[In the league] you hope that the return we’ve had from the big games is going to be significant. We’ve won at Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and we were 30 seconds away from a really good result at Tottenham. All in all we’ve had a good return from these kinds of games and hopefully they will prove significant at the end of the season.”

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“You hope that the players realise that the league is there for them [to win]. The players have shown great appetite for it. We’re definitely in the right shape.”

- Sir Alex Ferguson


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