"Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard are going to be at Liverpool until they finish their careers. And we’re very fortunate to have the same with Giggs and Scholes. It’s fantastic to have these one-club players in the modern game."

- Sir Alex Ferguson

13/01/2013 08:32, Report by Adam Marshall
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Sir Alex admires one-club men

Sir Alex Ferguson has great respect for Liverpool's Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, as he does for United's loyal local lads Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

The manager accepts that times are changing with the number of overseas stars competing in the Barclays Premier League but thinks that will not detract from the commitment shown in Sunday's hotly-contested affair with the Merseysiders.

With the rivalry particularly fierce in bygone years when players on both sides were brought up watching their local club from the terraces, it is easy to understand why that attitude still persists with the homegrown heroes representing the two English footballing giants.

"There's no way either Steven Gerrard or Jamie Carragher are going to change it," said the boss. "They're going to be there until they finish their careers.

"In the modern-day game, it’s admirable as it’s very difficult to get that now. We’re very fortunate to have the same as Liverpool with Giggs and Scholes, these one-club players. I think it’s fantastic. And Gary Neville too but, unfortunately, he got injuries towards the end of his career. He could’ve still be playing if he hadn’t picked up injuries at the time he did."

The manager recognises that loyalty might be harder to find from imported players, even if United have fared well in this department over the years. 

"The minute we started bringing European and South American players into the country, you’re never going to keep them for long periods," he conceded. "With four-year contracts, you’re lucky to keep them for that. We were lucky to have Cristiano Ronaldo for six years, Patrice

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