03/08/2013 00:35, Report by Nick Coppack
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Giggs relishes new role

“Five years ago I didn’t think I’d still be playing at this age so I wanted to make sure I was prepared when I finished so I started doing my coaching badges then.”

Ryan's step into a new role isn't the only change he's had to undergo this summer. He's also lacing up his boots for a 24th season as a Red, but a first under a manager who isn't Sir Alex Ferguson.

Of course, all the United players are in the same boat, but for Giggs, who's been at the club longer than anybody else, it must seem particularly strange. Nevertheless, the 39-year-old says he's been very impressed by the new manager's methods.

"He’s really hands-on," he said. "He’s a manager that coaches and likes to be involved in everything.

"But there is also a good symmetry with Steve Round, Jimmy Lumsden, Phil Neville and myself – everyone works well together. He likes to take control of most of the training but he knows he’s got the other guys to help him.

"He’s a real details man. He likes to know everything about every player and I think that’s what you need to be a Manchester United manager. It’s all in the details. And that’s what he is all about."

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