14/07/2013 16:15, Report by James Tuck in Sydney
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Boss relishing Sydney stay

"Wherever you go, the games are tough," the Reds boss added. "We found that last night in Thailand. This Saturday will be our second game and the Aussie players will be more in full flow than we are.

"And when you play for United, everybody wants to beat you. The players who have been here for a few years understand that's part of playing for Manchester United.

"But we want to improve in everything we do. Our fitness last night was quite good in testing conditions. A lot of things we did were good. We didn't quite get the goals to go along with our play so that's what we'll be hoping to add to our game on Saturday."

Moyes also revealed why he chose to bring a smaller squad on tour – there were only 19 players in the initial travelling party – though he admitted that injuries could be a factor on the trip around Asia and Australia.

"You're always likely to pick up one or two knocks and niggles," he said. "But we've got players who are starting training back home in the UK – [Ashley] Young, [Chris] Smalling, [Nemanja] Vidic – so we know that if we do need them we can probably call on them.

"My preference was to come with a smaller squad because I wanted to make sure I got as many players playing minutes as possible.

"For example, last night, several players played the full 90 minutes and that will be the case on Saturday: some of them will certainly play a full game."

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