Mats Daehli 2012/2013:

Reserves appearances: 1
Reserves goals: 1

Academy appearances: 20 (1)
Academy goals: 5

13/06/2013 13:59, Report by Adam Marshall
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Berg's advice for Daehli

"The No10, Adnan Januzaj, stands out with his skills, eye for a pass and his twists and turns but there are a few more good players in that side. I think Jesse Lingard has got great potential. When he puts on a bit more weight and gets a bit stronger, he looks like a player who can do something.

"There are a lot of good talents and it's nice to see them winning and coming back from 2-0 down. There is something about the mentality of this club and it's good to see that it's also there with the younger players as well."

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