29/03/2013 10:00, Report by Adam Marshall
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No issues with Black Cats

Sir Alex Ferguson insists he has forgiven Sunderland's supporters for their joyous reaction to Sergio Aguero's last-gasp title winner last May.

With the Reds concluding a 1-0 win at the Stadium of Light, there was an anxious wait for news to filter through from Manchester and a section of the home fans went wild on hearing the dramatic update and even mirrored City's 'Poznan' celebration.

It may have been hard to take at the time, and the boss was clearly still upset afterwards, but he has stressed that it is merely a reflection of modern football followers after being asked initially about England's fans.

"I think that's modern society," he stated in Friday's press conference. "You see a lot of that with supporters' reaction to many things. I don't think we can change that. It was disappointing and it's hard to take these things with the way it all panned out. I thought we'd won it for 20 seconds and it was snatched away from us.

"There's not any bitterness from my point of view. It happens and we move on. We've dusted ourselves down and made a really good challenge in the league this year. The concentration has been fantastic and the team spirit is really good. So, in that respect, we've answered it as best we can.

"So I don't have any issues with the Sunderland fans. I don't think the Sunderland fans wanted City to win it any more than we did. It was just a fact that they were our opponents that day and it goes back to what I was saying about present society. You see it with supporters every week. Wherever the fans are in opposite corners, they are venting their

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