05/03/2013 08:45, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Giggsy's milestone pride

“It was a memorable game, but it’s not one I look back on too fondly!” he joked. “You can get games like that – two great sides, lots of goals… it could be similar tonight. When you have that much firepower on the pitch there is going to be chances and goals.

“Every time you play in Europe you learn different lessons and certainly on that night with Madrid scoring early it was always going to be an uphill task. Hopefully that won’t happen tonight.

“You learn from every experience in Europe and you try and get ahead and try to score the first goal. You know the crowd will get behind you and the confidence that will give you. Nonetheless, if we go a goal behind on Tuesday night we have the experience and the confidence to come back as we have done throughout this season.”

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