"I don’t think there’s anything to encourage me that Cristiano Ronaldo would come back here."

- Sir Alex Ferguson

03/03/2013 10:00, Report by Adam Marshall

Ronny return is 'false hope'

Sir Alex Ferguson has shot down press speculation suggesting United are making progress in a bid to set up a sensational return for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Rumours have been rife that the Portugal international could decide against signing a new contract at Real Madrid but the boss has previously insisted it is extremely unlikely that his next move would be back to Old Trafford.

"I don’t think there’s anything as far as I’m aware to encourage me that he’d come back here," reiterated Sir Alex. "I don’t think there’s anything in that at all. 

"I think he’s got two years left on his contract and it could be a lot to do with the fact that negotiations are ongoing for a new contract. But it’s false hope [for anybody expecting Ronaldo to return]."

Nonetheless, the Real star is still guaranteed a great ovation on Tuesday, at least prior to kick-off, before the serious business of qualifying in the Champions League takes priority.

"He’ll get a good reception," predicted the manager. "All our former players who come back, who have been great players, get a good reception. I’ve seen that all the time. I think, at the start of the game, he’ll get that."

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