"I’ve seen some appointments in the last two years which, for me, show the nature of the modern world - a populist, short term fix. Manchester United do not operate that way. They have an element of sense and they have always had that throughout the last 50 to 60 years.”

- Gary Neville

09/05/2013 17:15, Report by Mark Froggatt
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A result for sanity

“It has always been the day that every Manchester United fan has dreaded for the last 10 years. We didn’t want this day to come but the club will always move on. It’s a massive club. It moved on from the Munich Air Disaster, it moved on from Sir Matt Busby and it will move on from Sir Alex Ferguson.

“People ask how the next manager will be able to replace him because of the comparison. It’s quite simple: play attractive football, bring young players through and win a championship.

“The fans and club will support you. This is not a stupid football club. This is not one of those crazy clubs that changes its manager every 10 minutes. The new manager will need time and the club will need time to move on, but there are sensible people there.”

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