08/05/2013 13:30, Report by Interview by Stewart Gardner
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David Gill: The end of an era

retaining [the family atmosphere] in a sport, football, that’s grown immeasurably over the last couple of decades. He’s retained a family atmosphere and understood Manchester United’s role within sport and within football. You hear stories in other media outlets about how he gives advice and comfort to other managers who have been fired and all those sort of things in his role within the football world. He does it well and also does it within our club as well to be supportive to any persons at Carrington that have had a bereavement. That’s what he is about. What he has definitely achieved is retaining the family ethos at Manchester United, albeit in a sport that is getting bigger and bigger every year.

You’ve had a close relationship with him. Is there any one thing you will look back on most fondly?
I don’t think there’s one thing – just a series of things. Not one big bang. It’s been the highlight of my career working with him. It’s been fantastic.

With the both of you leaving, are fans right to be a little concerned?
Well, no. We’re moving on in terms of what we’ve left from a club perspective. The squad and infrastructure is fantastic. Ed Woodward is taking over from me, now he has an opportunity to work and develop as good a relationship with the new manager and I’m sure he’s capable of doing that and will do that for the betterment of Manchester United. I think it’s important to note that Manchester United is made up of many, many good people throughout the organisation. We have hundreds of people working for us, in the ticket office, the ground staff, the catering staff and the marketing team. They’re all dedicated and want United to win so they will be very supportive and very focused on continuing that success with Ed and the new manager when he’s appointed. Alex and I will still

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