24/05/2013 15:04, Report by Adam Marshall
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Ex-Red encourages youngsters

through so they've got no excuses in my book.

"Either you're good enough to get in the team or you're not. It's as simple as that."

While Sir Alex Ferguson was often happy to promote youth, and included 18-year-old Adnan Januzaj on the bench for his final game in charge at West Brom, that has not always been the case at other clubs striving to match the success of the champions.

"I think the problem in getting youngsters coming through is that clubs want instant success," Whiteside explained to "They want to win things yesterday not tomorrow and I think it's harder for kids coming through.

"They've got to be exceptional today to get into a team at 16 or 17. It can be done - don't get me wrong - but big clubs and other clubs with money are looking to Europe. Maybe they're not buying top-class European players but looking to Scandinavia and elsewhere and that's blocking kids from coming through in England.

"I'd like to see more kids being given a chance in the Premier League and a stop to buying too many people from foreign countries. While I'm all for signing big players as I want to see great football and the best players, if they're buying mediocre

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Charity Challenge

"Either you're good enough to get in the team or you're not. It's as simple as that."

- Norman Whiteside

For more details of the Charity Challenge email, ring 0161 868 8722/8208 or visit here. The last few places for teams are still up for grabs but please be quick!


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