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Peers' praise for Moyes

Everton colleagues

Tim Howard: "David Moyes has a real good recipe for success. He doesn't just bring in every good player available. He brings in guys who can play two positions who will also buy into [the club's ethos]. And then he guides them along. He's an incredible motivator. And he gets better at it every year."

Phil Neville: “His method is to push you to your limits in training and then the match is easy. He has developed as a manager too because he has looked at things differently. He’s gone from a British-based, solid team to a more foreign-based one with more flair. The DNA of a David Moyes team is clear: hard work, spirit, togetherness and fight."

Steven Pienaar, Everton midfielder: “He is one of the best, if not the best manager in the Premier League. It shows in the way we are playing.”

Former players

Gary Lineker, former Everton striker: “I think David Moyes will be an excellent appointment for Manchester United, but an awful one for Everton! He is hugely respected within the game and he will instantly get the respect of the players.”

Mark Lawrenson, former Liverpool player: "I think Ferguson sees a quite a bit of himself in Moyes. He sees the same drive, the same characteristics, and the same steely determination. Neither men are to be trifled with. Moyes is team first. He has built a team – several teams, in fact – and that is exactly what United want: a team."

Gary Neville: “I would welcome it [David Moyes’ appointment]. It makes sense. Manchester United want someone to respect the history and tradition of the club, someone who is there for the long-term. The club does not go for quick-fixes. This will be a result for sanity back in football, the next Manchester United manager. I see scouting systems being ripped up, people being sacked... Manchester United don’t work like that."

Alan Shearer: “Anyone who has worked with David Moyes says great things about his man-management and his coaching.”

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