17/05/2013 17:51, Report by Mark Froggatt

Van Persie: De Jong was wrong

Having seen more than 100,000 United fans enjoying Monday’s trophy parade, Robin van Persie knows that Manchester is Red – disproving claims made to him by former City midfielder Nigel de Jong.

In an exclusive interview with MUTV, the Reds striker revealed his Dutch compatriot once told him the city is predominantly Blue - a statement which Robin now feels is wide of the mark.

“I have to say, I spoke to Nigel De Jong a couple of years ago when he was playing for City and he said ‘in Manchester, you only have City fans’,” Robin explained. “I said ‘Okay that sounds a bit weird but whatever’ and he claimed United fans are from all over the world, and from different cities.

“But I have to adjust him on that and say it is definitely not true. It is at least 50/50 in Manchester or it might be even more after what I saw last Monday, maybe it is 80/20 United.”

Van Persie continued: “I saw so many people looking so happy. There were so many fans - it just came out of nowhere. There were more and more as the tour went on and it put a big smile on my face. It was a day that nobody will ever forget.

“The guys said (the parade) two years ago was amazing but they were a bit unlucky about the weather, but this was just incredible. There were so many people, so many people who were so happy and so passionate about this championship.”

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