29/11/2013 08:44, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Berg: Giggs can play on

"In that position now it is possible to play on longer. Just look at Andrea Pirlo at Juventus. He is younger than Giggs and is not running any more than him.

"Who is to say Ryan cannot play for another couple of years, or even three years? We just don't know, you shouldn't rule it out. For him to play at this level for so long has been unbelievable and I think it is still possible for him to go on."

Berg has a great deal of admiration for Giggs' longevity in the game. "It is a fantastic achievement to play professionally at 40," he added. "How can you better that one? It says a lot about his hunger for the game and his joy for the game. He enjoys being a footballer and if he didn't, he wouldn't have reached 40.

"He has been quite lucky with injuries - he has got good genes. It is just a shame that he was not able to play at a World Cup or a European Championship, but I'm not sure he will think about that too much because he has achieved everything else."

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