07/11/2013 14:31, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Wingers get rave reviews

season, he has the ability to play on either flank or, as his future appears to hold, as a playmaking no.10. For the time being, he has impressed Morgan on the left wing.

“The young lad who has just come in has the chance to be a great player,” he said. “Time will tell. It’s what he does and how he does it – he reminds me of the old, great wingers. He’s wonderful and has the chance to go ahead and be a great, great player. So I would like to see him play on the left and give us that width. Valencia stays wide and gives you width and Januzaj does the same.”

Wingers represent an important part of the essence of United – out-and-out attacking or counter-attacking play – a position that boasts a rich history, from Billy Meredith to Charlie Mitten, George Best to Ryan Giggs. “Wingers create space, they create a big pitch,” explains Morgan. “The position hasn’t changed, but you don’t get kicked as much any more. George [Best] and I would have loved to play today – we would never have been kicked, it would have been fantastic!

“My game was going to the line and creating chances and goals for other people. I’d score a few, but my main job was to stay wide and go on the outside, beat a man and try to get crosses in. That’s the job of any true winger. That’s why I like the young lad Januzaj, he’s very good.”

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