06/11/2013 15:05, Report by Adam Marshall
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Reds can handle Arsenal

very difficult for us. Arsenal would be 11 points clear and I reckon it would be quite a while before we can make up 11 points on them. 

"I think Arsenal will feel it's a bigger game for United and the pressure is heaped on us. But those players know how to respond to that as they have been through it many times and know what it takes to win this type of game. United know the pressure is on and it's a must-win game for them so I'm sure they will be ready and can't wait to get stuck in on Sunday."

Former centre-back Pallister is convinced that the media were eagerly anticipating United losing an air of invincibility following Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement but feels the appointment of David Moyes will ensure the club continues to compete for the top honours.

"Listen, everybody was wanting the team to get off to this kind of start," he asserted. "They have been looking for a bit of fallibility in United for a long time. The manager left after 26 years, there's a new man at the helm and everything is being scrutinised and dissected. 

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Pally's lot

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