04/10/2013 11:58, Report by Mark Froggatt

Boss: World Cup must move

David Moyes believes FIFA has “no choice” but to move the increasingly controversial 2022 World Cup in Qatar from summer to winter. 

There are fears that searing temperatures of more than 40C could risk the health of players and supporters who travel to the Gulf State, which has also faced allegations about its treatment of migrant workers in recent weeks.

FIFA’s executive committee is currently meeting in Zurich to debate a controversial proposal to break from tradition and move the tournament in a big to avoid the extreme heat, a plan that would enforce significant changes upon the Barclays Premier League.

When speaking on Friday, the manager was asked how such an idea would affect the top-flight: “Things would need to be altered in the year before and the year after certainly.

“There would be no choice that it would have to move. I’m sure the Premier League and others are already starting work on that and thinking about it. It does look as though it is going to have to be changed.

“If it was played in January then it could be the equivalent of having a winter break. That would obviously extend things and there would be lots of different add-ons. Maybe you’ll need to get rid of FA Cup replays and limit the League Cup. If it’s a World Cup then it will have to be played. I’m sure the people in power will try and make the right decisions.”

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