23/10/2013 09:58, Report by M Froggatt, B Hibbs
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Crerand backs trial

Manchester United legend Paddy Crerand has thrown his weight behind plans to introduce an Old Trafford singing section, an idea that will be trialled during Wednesday’s Champions League tie with Real Sociedad.

Up to 1,400 Reds will be housed in the south-east quadrant, formerly known as L Stand, where away fans are normally sat. It is hoped that the experiment will boost noise levels inside the stadium, replicating those generated by United’s away support. 

It is an initiative that has been led by fans’ groups Reclaim United and Stretford End Flags, plus Reds songster Pete Boyle. It has also been backed by fanzines United We Stand and Red News, a collaboration that is collectively known as Fans United. 

Writing in his United Review programme notes, Crerand supports the plan and explains why a boisterous atmosphere will boost performances on the pitch. And he should know, having worked at Old Trafford since 1963 as a player, assistant manager, pundit and commentator.

“It’s interesting that the club and the fans are trialling a singing section in the area where the away fans are usually making lots of noise,” Paddy writes. “It’s a great idea. We’ve got the best away fans in the country and if we can replicate that at Old Trafford it’ll be brilliant.

“So, hopefully we’ll get an even louder atmosphere than normal tonight. The more support the players get from the fans the bigger the lift it gives them, and three points would send us well on our way to making the last 16.”

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