07/10/2013 08:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Tom's comeback buzz

"It was a fantastic save," notes Cleverley of De Gea's one-handed save from Emanuele Giaccherini's first-half header. "David does things that I don't think anybody else can do. He's a fantastic keeper. In real-time it looked like a world-class save from where I was stood, so well done to him."

As for Januzaj's double, Tom adds: "The first one, I was on the left so I couldn't see how far into the corner it was. It was a great finish with his wrong foot. And then the second one, well... everyone knows he's got it. He's been doing it all pre-season in training, but to do it on the big stage, I'm really pleased for him.

"He's got a wand of a left foot for shooting and crossing. It didn't surprise me that it went in but I was just buzzing to see it go in because it was such an important game for us to win and he's come up with the goods.

"With the players we've got in this squad, they've won a lot more titles than the young players so I don't think anybody will get too ahead of themselves, including Adnan. He's got a good attitude on him, he wants to get better and we've all got the best examples in front of us to do that. He'll get a lot of publicity but I think he can handle it."

After such a morale-boosting comeback win, it feels frustrating that the club calendar breaks for a bout of internationals, but Tom says the players will all return determined to build on this result.

"We knew how important this was to come back," he said. "It's a good win to take into two weeks without a league game and now the focus is on the internationals - two massive games - and then we're straight back into the thick of it with the Premier League and Champions League."

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