29/10/2013 09:24, Report by Adam Marshall
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Kids ready to take chance

young players.

"People were saying the club is under pressure, which I think is a load of rubbish anyway, and yet Adnan has come in and delivered," added the Chester defender. "If you're good enough, you're given an opportunity whether it's in the cup or the league. It's up to David Moyes to decide.

"I've been really impressed by the Under-21s. I did the Bolton game where Januzaj and Wilfried Zaha played and it was 4-0 but, bizarrely enough, I enjoyed the goalless draw with Everton more. They are typical Manchester United youngsters - all comfortable on the ball and happy to attack. There are some good players coming through the ranks and that's how it has always been so it's great to see it's still happening.

"It's so much harder these days because of the pressure but one thing United have never been afraid of is playing youngsters. Even going all the way back to the golden generation of 1992, which I don't think will ever happen again, as it was unbelievable to get players of that ability in the same group.

"For the size of this club, to know if you're good enough then you'll get an opportunity is a great thing for any youngster. United have always had the tradition of bringing players through, even back to the Busby Babes, and the fans love to see that. The manager's philosophy is to give them a chance - he's done that at Everton and with Januzaj already."

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