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20/10/2013 21:00, Report by A Marshall, S Bibby
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Sir Alex: Boss is no.1

"He has great support at the club and it is a fantastically-run football club. There are absolutely no issues about it. Every club needs a little bit of luck and hopefully we'll get the luck."

Sir Alex feels that managing in the 21st century is all about adapting to the many developments that are continually altering the game at the highest level.

"You must embrace the change," he insisted. "You must have the humility to do that and should never think the world should never change because you're stuck in your ideas and philosophies. You have to change your management thinking because progress is progress. You cannot stop that. For Manchester United, you can't stop that, there has to be the goal you're going towards all the time.

"I've said it many times: the bus is leaving. If you're not on the bus you're left behind and that applies to the manager as well. I think I did that very well, particularly in my last decade."

If you missed Sir Alex's interview on MUTV, you can watch it now on MUTV Online.

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