14/10/2013 14:47, Report by Nick Coppack
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Sir Alex's new road


“It's a great, great football club. You, the supporters, have enjoyed it. And I still think that a lot of our young fans don't remember that there were bad days. Dealing with bad days is what we're good at. This club will always go on.

“We've got a fantastic set-up, great staff, wonderful people and there's only one way and that's up for Manchester United.

“I thank everybody for being here – all my friends, all my family and my wife, the boss! She picked all the winning teams, by the way. 

“Thanks for coming here, Thanks for the Mayor and Trafford Borough for this fantastic honour and the day we've had today at the Town Hall. It's been absolutely brilliant.

“I'm going to unveil this, so thanks once again for the honour of doing this.”

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