28/09/2013 07:14, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Cole: Anelka is a great

Sulk’, but we are all different people for different reasons and when it comes to playing football and scoring goals, he’s never had have a problem doing that.

“Personally, I think he is definitely underrated. For me, he is up there with Thierry Henry. When he was younger, people spoke about Nicolas being better than Henry as a player and as a footballer. 

“TT then took off and did what he did at Arsenal, whereas Anelka went to Madrid and played a season, did well, but didn’t like it and moved on. But make no mistake, he is a quality footballer.”

Anelka visits Old Trafford on Saturday when United face West Brom in the Barclays Premier League, a match you can follow on and via MUTV's live radio commentary.

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