24/09/2013 14:31, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Nobody said it'd be easy

a reaction people should be expecting it. There were always going to be days like this and there might well be more days like this. I hope not, but there will be because that is football. Football does that to you.

"If people thought this was going to be easy and smooth after Sir Alex, I don't think that was ever going to be the case. It was always going to be tough following such a great manager with a great team. I think people with real football knowledge will know there are probably some changes to be made. It is not going to be made in one fell swoop. It is going to be done in time. That is why the Manchester United board realised the job that needed to be done needed to be a long-term one, not a short-term one.

"It is great working here with the players. They are a great group of players. But outside we have to make sure we do well enough to make sure other people think the work we are doing here is the right stuff."

Another opportunity to do that presents itself this week as attentions quickly turn to another of United's great rivals - Liverpool - in the Capital One Cup. "It is a big game for this club," adds the Reds boss. "It is a big game for Liverpool as well. It is the third round of the cup and it's a big draw. I am looking forward to getting back. It is the one thing that happens; you can have bad results but the next game isn't too far away here."

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