08/09/2013 08:16, Report by A Bostock, R Grant
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Fellaini has the power

Fellaini, we’ve got much more power and strength than we had last year, so I think he’s a big asset.

"I think he’s a threat around the penalty area. When there are free-kicks and corner kicks around the box, he’s going to be a big, big threat. And, every time a ball comes into our defensive area, he’s going to be a good player to have there as well.

"I think his height and strength could be big factors for us. But I’m not taking anything away from his [technical] ability either, I think he’s also a very good footballer.

"I think he’s a very good buy; there are a lot of fans out there thinking about Ronaldo and Bale and that sort of player, but I think he’s an important buy for the club. I think United have done a great bit of business. He wanted to play for the club and that’s a big thing in itself."

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