29/04/2014 09:00, Report by B Hibbs & M Singh

Evra's special goal

Wayne Rooney's stunning goal against West Ham may be the front-runner for United's Goal of the Season, but Patrice Evra explained to MUTV why his spectacular strike against Bayern Munich holds a special place in his heart...

I would say my goal is [better than Wayne's], of course, because I am selfish! But it was a special goal for me and I was really devastated that we lost that game because I really thought that we would qualify for the semi-finals. I know it's easy to talk when the game is over, but I really thought we had the chance to win against Bayern Munich. But if they win then it is because they are better than us.

It was an emotional day, the day before the game. Everyone had been to the Munich memorial, where the plane had crashed with the Busby Babes. It was amazing. I was talking with a young player like Adnan Januzaj and telling him, 'These people were like us, they were on a plane going to play a football game.' And at the end they never see their families again.

I always pray before games, I pray every day – to save my family, I even sometimes pray for my enemy. But I asked, 'Can I give something for the Busby Babes'. I didn't say a goal, but just to make sure we played for them in that game. That's why when I scored that goal, you can see I was really emotional, I was angry. I couldn't believe it. That's my little secret – and now everyone knows that secret. In the end we went out of the competition and that is why I was really disappointed, but it was a special moment for me.


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