25/02/2014 22:39, Report by Adam Bostock, Nick Coppack
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Moyes: We'll put it right

create a goal really.”

The only crumb of comfort for Moyes and his men is the time lapsed in the tie - only 90 minutes have passed with the same period to be played again on home soil in three weeks, at Old Trafford.

"We'll do everything we possibly can to reverse the 2-0 defeat tonight. We'll put it right, we're determined to put it right and we'll have opportunities to do that in the coming weeks. 

"There's undoubtedly talent at Manchester United but tonight we didn't show it. Me and the team, we didn't show it together. I take responsibility. It's my team and I'll always front up. The players are hurting as well. They know how they performed. We're a team and we stick together. 

"We didn't play well and we have to play better. We can do. The one good thing is there's still a second game to come. Old Trafford's seen some great nights in the past and I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing another one."

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