"There has always been a special bond between goalkeepers anyway, but I must say that we have here is stronger than anything I've seen anywhere else."

- Anders Lindegaard

16/01/2014 09:47, Report by Tim Oscroft
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Anders: Bond is strong

"He gives us a lot of support. He's very clear on what he wants from us, but he also accepts us for who we are. He doesn't try to turn us into something he thinks we should be. Everything works very easily between us all."

Lindegaard himself has been praised by one of his juniors in the goalkeeping pecking order, Sam Johnstone, for the encouragement and advice he has given him. Anders explained why he feels it's natural to nurture.

"I remember when I was a kid having one of the older and more experienced goalkeepers I was working with taking me aside and saying, 'Listen, you need to work on this and on this.' He really helped me and it's something I've always thought of during my career and I want to be able to do the same for the young keepers. So I will always try to help and encourage them."

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