14/01/2014 10:25, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Vida eyes vital period

on doing the right things – in training and with your behaviour, then in the matches. You try to lead by example first in the dressing room, then out on the pitch.

"We are lucky here because there are so many players who are experienced and mature people, they help the team try to achieve what we want to do."

Nemanja also speaks about his approach to his responsibilities as captain, saying: "Football has changed, generations change. You lead by example now. You have to respect your team-mates; if you respect them, you get respect back. You support them, talk to them, encourage them if needed.

"The manager is a good character and does that [manages the squad] but it's up to the players too. We're a group and it's a group responsibility to deal with those situations."

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