Making a new home

"Old Trafford is an unbelievable stadium to play football at. I have been here two or three times but always with rivals and now I have the chance to play there as my home. It's going to be different but it will be great because I know how incredible the fans are there."

- Juan Mata

25/01/2014 19:00, Report by B Hibbs, G Thomspon & S Gardner
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Mata's first interview

United's record new signing Juan Mata gave this interview - his first as a Red - to MUTV...

How does it feel to finally be a Manchester United player?
It's a very happy day for me, meeting my team-mates, the manager, seeing the training ground. It's a massive club and I feel very proud to be here.

What went through your mind when you heard of United's interest?
I thought, 'wow'! This is a team that has won a lot of leagues in the history of the Premier League and English league. It's amazing knowing that a club like Manchester United is interested in you. It's a good feeling.

So many great players have come to this club but you are the record signing. Do you relish the pressure that brings?
I know it is a big price but I'm confident that everything is going to be okay. I will try my best as I always have done. The squad and the manager are very good and the fans are unbelievable – we have everything to be successful.

You had a wonderful time at Chelsea and were player of the season in the last two years – are you surprised to be here in a way because it's very rare for big clubs to sell players to their rivals?
To be honest it is a bit surprising. But I have to say I'm really grateful to Chelsea, to the owner, everyone who works at the club and the fans - they voted me the best player in the last two seasons and I will always be grateful. They have been amazing with me. The last six months were difficult as I didn't play as much as I wanted to. I understand it’s a team sport so I respected that situation. But the chance to come to Manchester United was a great moment for me to carry on with my career and join another massive club.

David De Gea was waiting for you when you arrived - what has he told you about life here?
He has been texting me in the last few days saying, 'when are coming, when are you landing?!' 'Are you coming by helicopter or by bicycle?!' I am here now and I am very happy to be here, particularly with David because he is a very good friend, an amazing goalkeeper and a top guy. He was important for me in terms of coming here.

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