22/03/2014 09:29, Report by Adam Marshall

Moyes has United vision

David Moyes says he joined Manchester United to experience occasions like the midweek Champions League victory against Olympiacos at Old Trafford.

The manager has a vision of enjoying more games of such intensity with his team producing high-octane displays as he bids to make his mark at the club.

"I came to the club to have those nights," he stated. "I joined Manchester United because I knew these [nights] would happen more often than not and I still believe that. I still believe my time here will have many more good times than bad times. I’ve got no doubt about that. 

"I think I’m going through a difficult initiation period at the moment but I’m looking forward to the highs and I am sure they will come in the future."

When asked if the Olympiacos tie was a marker for how he wants his side to play, the manager enthused about the commitment shown by his players.

"It was only a small glimpse and just a small part of I hope what it’s actually going to look like with my vision, thoughts and ideas for where I want to go with it. Obviously, what I want is that type of mentality and attitude. I thought from the first minute in the game, the commitment from the players was exceptional. Anybody at the game would say: 'They’re on it tonight'. I’d like that to be the case every game and not just when we’re 2-0 down." 

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